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DPWTC 2023

Well, I have friends at this gig but I won't be there. Apart from the fact I've been diagnosed with PS and the medical meets associated with that take so much time. Anyway I've been there, done that. I still enjoy the whole thing from the comfort of an armchair. What did I do before 50"Smart TVs? Oh yea, walk. No, I have fond memories of following Rory around on practice days whilst grabbing photo reference. I really enjoyed the banter with the SA mob coming up from the 17th bar to the 18th Green. There was an unfortunate incident when a lady standing in hospitality above me as I painted, dropped a full glass of gin and orange all over a Rory portrait. Many tales to tell that are beyond the scope of the blog. I just wanted to wish the organisers and staff the best of luck for the event and good luck to Ryan Fox.

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