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ISPS Handa World Invitational Auction. Mark Robinson original Rory McIlroy painting donation

This year Mark was pleased to be invited back as ' Galgorm G C Tournament Artist in Residence', for the ISPS Handa World Invitational, 11Aug 22. Unfortunately due to Illness he had to bow out for this year. We wish him well. Mark Robinson has kindly donated a portrait of Rory McIlroy to the annual Silent Auction for Charity to be held by the promoters at Galgorm Golf Club during Championship week. We wish everyone involved, Good Luck and have a lovely evening.

The Rory Mc Ilroy painting is by Mark Robinson. It is Acrylic on streched canvas. 120 cm High, 80 cm wide, 3.5 cm deep. It retails at £2500 and is a STEAL ! at the reserve of £500. Any online offers can be sent to me from the contact page and I will inform the organizers.

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